Bail firms sue sheriff to end “guerilla marketing” in OC jail.
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Friends of man killed by police protest at headquarters
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Vigil marks 1 year since police killed man (Read Full Article...)

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One of the most experienced lawyers in Orange County, and regarded as one of the top trial lawyers, Richard P. Herman has a diversified background but his practice is limited to serious lawyering.


After working in the family business and work at Douglas Aircraft including, working on the design of the DC 10, Richard P. Herman put himself through law school in the rare coin business. His last years of law school including hands on courses working with the Los Angeles County District Attorneys office and Long Beach Legal Aid.

Mr. Herman lives in Orange County, California where he has practiced for 40 years and has lived for more than 45 years.

With his background in the Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office, Mr. Herman’s initial practice was mostly criminal defense, however he quickly moved to personal injuries and civil rights.

As one of the leading civil rights Attorneys in the United States Mr. Herman is an expert on Federal Class Actions and has been attorney of record in more than two dozen class actions, including the landmark Supreme Court Case County of Riverside v. Mc Laughin 500.US.44 and most recently Pierce v. County of Orange (9th Circuit March 24, 2008
) (read more).

Recent criminal cases have included the alleged Catherine Zeta Jones stalker, (probation department recommendation of 30+ years, actual time in custody less than 2 years) murder cases and three strike cases.

Mr. Herman has been counsel in numerous serious personal injuries and wrongful death cases, and probably has handled more specialized wrongful death cases than any attorney in California.

Richard P. Herman has practiced in most of the Federal Courts in California up and down the state including appearances in Sacramento, San Jose, Fresno, and Riverside as well, of course, in Los Angeles and Orange County. Mr. Herman has appeared before the Ninth Circuit on numerous occasions, normally as part of serious class-action litigation. Of course, Mr. Herman was on brief to the United States Supreme Court in the County of Riverside case and most recently in Pierce v. County of Orange (9th Circuit March 24, 2008, Rights of Disabled and segregated prisoners).

Mr. Herman’s practice is limited to serious lawyering. This includes real criminal defense, serious personal injury litigation with an emphasis on wrongful death cases, and, when it presents itself, major litigation.

Mr. Herman is available to his clients 24/6 to assist in any way that he can possibly help.

The purpose of Mr. Herman’s practice is to help people who need the assistance of a good attorney. This is normally done in an atmosphere of mutual trust and assistance to help the client. In every case Mr. Herman puts the client’s interest above his own. In the end the best possible result for you as the client is the goal.

Emeritus Director of the Federal Bar Association of Orange County
Orange County Trail Lawyers Association
Los Angeles County Trial Lawyers Association
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Emeritus Member if the William P. Gray/Legion Lex Inn of Court




* Paralegal

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